Go Green! Our Lawn Sprinkler Installation Services for Dallas, TX will Help Your Yard Look its Best

When considering adding an automatic sprinkler system to your lawn’s design, several questions are probably posed. Will I waste more water? Will it really save me time? Can a sprinkler system do a better job than I can? Do I really need a sprinkler system?

Generally, an automatic sprinkler system can be a great addition to any home. In fact, sprinkler systems may actually save you money on your water bill! A well-designed and effective irrigation system supplies the perfect amount of water to your yard, therefore ensuring the lawn does not get too much or too little water.
H2O sprinklers can offer expert guidance on which types of products should be used to best treat your lawn’s unique needs. Through a custom designed, efficient system provided by H2O, your lawn is guaranteed to be thriving, healthy, and GREEN!

A standard sprinkler system is operated by the brain of the operation, the controller, valves, which control the flow of water, piping, and sprinklers, which distribute the water evenly throughout your yard. H2O offers unique customization of all of these parts based on customer requests and a yard’s special requirements. Through the use of our specialized equipment, trusted and trained employees, and quality care, we can offer a fast and worry-free installation that suits your home’s needs.

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